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Leah Hanson fills in for Lisa

An update on our Severe Weather. 

7:20 - Lisa checks in from the U. K.  She is totally surprised by something happening on her trip.  She'll tell us what that is.

7:50- Impossible Question

8:20 - They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  What does it take to nail a great imitation?  We'll find out.

And all of the news, weather, traffic and sports you will need to start your day!

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Go Behind the Scenes with Mike and Lisa - click here.

For details on local events and fundraiser - click here

Everyday Mike and Lisa record a promo for CTV Windsor. Sometimes it doesn't go as planned.  Click here.

The Morning Drive Facebook Photo Album of damage from the storms in Windsor and Lasalle on August 24th - click here

Here is the Android weather app that Mike uses for weather and alerts - click here

Mark Robinson
is a storm chaser for the Weather Network and talked with Mike and Leah after the storms on August 24th.  Here is the link to his Periscope video as he drove into the storm. 

Here is our picture of Kathleen Wynne's Suck Machine - click here

Here is the app that Mike talked about where you can raise money for a charity by walking -

Intellitix is the local company developing wrist bands to get in and pay for items at events.  For more information visit 

Man carries shark back out to sea - click here

Get involved in the Hospice Face to Face Campaign. Click here

We love Marty Demaeyer and his videos. They will put a smile on your face - click here to add him on facebook.

The 1st Annual We-Tech Nerd Olympics takes place September - November. For more information visit

Alexa Carroccia is 15 years old from Villanova. Her new song is 'Years' - you can find it on itunes

The charity that Mike mentions is Golden Rescue.  To volunteer, donate, adopt or foster a golden retriever visit

Dr. David Burkus is the author of 'Under New Managment: How Leading Organizations Are Upending Business As Usual" - You can find the book on Amazon 

Click here to read the 911 Seinfeld Script

To find out more about the swim program at Atkinson Pool call Diane Morin at 519-253-8613

Awkward moment between 2 TV personalities - click here

Mike and Lisa Flashback: 2002 a similar situation when Lisa left to have Sarah - click here

Check out Martin DeMaeyer and his version of 'Me Too' - click here

It's the luggage you can ride! Click here for video

The Downtown Mission needs your donations - visit for more info.

Here is the pot that Mike and Lisa were talking about that everyone seems to have - click here

To find out more about Sand Cherry Stables and how to donate to feed the hungry and learn to ride a horse, visit their facebook page

Find out more about the Sunset Sliced Cooking Contest that Roger Mooking was talking about  - click here.  And look for Roger at the Sip and Savour Festival in Leamington in August.  For more info visit

Congratulations to Christie Palazzolo Music on her new video! A cover of 'America's Sweetheart' by Elle King.  Click here to watch.

To order tickets for the FINA World Swimming Championships visit www.finawindsor2016   Use Promo Code WINDSORWORLDS 

Check out the flowers Mike 'planted' on the weekend - click here

The site to find cheap parking in major cities is

Here is the walk in closet Mike built - click here

Mike's mom Carol came in to make everyone sandwiches for National Cold Cut Day - click here for pics

To donate blood visit or call 1-888-2-Donate.

Leah has a hard time keeping a straight face! lol Click here to watch the video

Leah forgot her glasses this morning so had to wear her sunglasses until Steve lent his pair - click here for the pics

By popular demand - Oreo's Morning Drive Song! 

Also by popular demand - Chacarron!

Adele will be coming to The Palace of Auburn Hills September 6,7 2016. Tickets on sale December 17 at 10am. For more information visit




Get past Impossible Question results



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