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Answer the Impossible Question correctly and you could win  a potted orchid and four tickets to the Orchid Show October 24-25 at the Columbus Centre. Courtesy of the Windsor Orchid Society. Visit for more info

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6:50 - Listen for the next  in our Hide and Seek contest.  Guess where the virtual boarding passes are located and win a vacation for 2 to Cuba!

7:20 - If you want someone to be honest, use this app.

7:50 - Impossible Question
And we'll have all of the news, weather, traffic and sports you will need to start your day!

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Clues for Hide and Seek Vacation #1 to Cuba

Clue 1) It’s only the first clue, so don’t expect too much.  If you guess somewhere in the County, you’d really be out of touch

Clue 2) .  You’re itching to win the prize.  Tame the Hide and Seek beast.  To find the elusive boarding pass, pay attention to the East

Clue 3) You're trying to get to Cuba, to feel the sand between your toes. To claim the boarding pass, look for where heavy traffic flows.

Clue 4) This Princess wears a different crown.  But still key to the mix. The pass is not in a subdivision, nor in the sticks.


Rick Mercer sums up the Federal Election - click here

Join the Windsor Police and the Yellow Card Campaign to stop use the 'R Word' 

Pirate player Sean Rodriguez takes his frustrations out on a Gatorade jug - click here

Here are the details on the Hiram Walker Tours

This dog really wants some ice cream - click here

Jay Leno returns to the Tonight Show - click here

These two are very excited for Dad to be home - click here

OMG - a mouse!!!!!!!!!! - click here

The Sun Parlor Nursing Home in Leamington is looking for used ipods, iphones and ipads for their residents.  If you have one you can donate call Sharon at 519-326-5731 x204.

Can your dog do this? - click here

Click here for details on the Red Wings new Clear Bag Policy.

Amazing prediction by the KC Royal announcer - click here

To find out more about the pink vs blue challenge for the Canadian Cancer Society - click here

Here is Oreo's Morning Drive Song - click here to listen

This Grandma loses it when Mick Jagger show up at a Taylor Swift concert - click here

For details on the Food Fight Event on Thursday October 1st visit

The boy receiving the ball in the video is Ryan Rundle of Windsor.  Here is the video of what happened at the Tiger game on September 26th.

Do you have any great pictures of the Super Moon?  Send them in to or

Go Behind the Scenes with Mike and Lisa. Check out our brand new video - click here.

Cool drone shots of the Ambassador Bridge - click here

Check out this awesome version of 'Ice Ice Baby"

NSFW - Here is the trailer for the new webseries 'Cooked'.  The debut is Thursday October 1st at Lakeshore Cinemas.

Students at Holy Names High School will be raising funds for a fellow student who has been diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma. If you would like to help call Holy Names at 519-966-2504.

Canadian Blood Services is in need of O positive blood. They need 1500 donors by the end of September. If you can help visit

When our Cogeco Feed is down, You can listen to us online at or use your phone and download the TuneIn Radio App.

Here is the letter a mom sent to  her son that has been making the rounds online. What do you think? Did she handle it right?  To read the letter click here.

Was Jessica Simpson drunk on the Home Shopping Channel? - click here for the video

Luke Willson of Lasalle makes an amazing catch on Sunday Night Football against the Packers - click here

Cute Moment of the Day: Jimmy Carter and his wife on the kiss game in Atlanta - click here

Recording Artist Mike Cervini of Windsor has a new song called 'Rescue', which was recorded live at the Tecumseh Cornfest.  Click here to listen.

To nominate a business for a Windsor-Essex Chamber Business Excellence Award - click here

Oops - the fireworks guy in Cleveland messed up! click here

Here is the video of NFL star Patrick Peterson setting the selfie record - click here

Our Live Music Friday artist on September 11th was Keith Stiner and Mike Barrette . To contact them visit their Facebook Page.

This pug is enjoying the final days of summer on his boat - click here

This guy loves watching the U.S. Open - click here

Here is the video Windsor Police released of the shooting on Howard Ave on Wednesday September 9, 2015 - click here

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake show off their moves at the U.S. Open - click here

Here is Theo Fleury's new country song - click here

Amazing video of this gorilla checking out pictures of other gorilla's - click here

Do you know what this is for on Lisa's bbq? - click here

Check out with this cat can do? - click here

Want to know what our listener Hopper looks like?  click here

This cat is not happy about the new family dog coming home - click here

SpotHero is the website that Mike and Lisa were talking about - click here

The evalution of the google logo - click here

Slam it or Jam it? Taylor Swift's new video - click here

Click here to visit the site to renew your plate sticker.

There is a weiner on the loose! - click here

Bug!!!!!! - click here

A great reaction from this soon to be Grandma - click here

Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow join up to sing 'Smelly Cat' - click here

Funny video of the day - this dog loves his hot tub! 

For more information on the Motorcycle Ride for MS visit 

Job Fair for Hotel Dieu Grace Health Care - click here for details

If you are interested in voluteering to ride tandem bicycles with visual imparied people, visit

Happy International Strange Music Day - click here

Look out for the giant red ball!!!! - click here

Zany Fun Friday: Tomato Fest is going on in Leamington, so we decided to play Tomato Bowling.  Click here to see the video.

A lot of people mess up Mike's last name (Kakuk) but this is a new one! - click here

Click here for details on Fiesta Latina.

Click here for details on the Leamington Tomato Festival.

Mike, Lisa and Steve have some zany fun with a pinata in honour of Fiesta Latina this weekend in Downtown Windsor. Click here to watch the video.

Here are the pictures of the Blind Fold Challenge that Mike Kakuk did on Wednesday August 12th - click here

Best campaign video ever! - click here

Here is a youtube video of the failed GM smokestack implosion - click here 

The video of the WalkCar that Mike and Lisa were talking about - click here

Here is the video of the CBC reporter getting an unwanted kiss. - click here

ICYMI: Here is the fight in the dugout during the Tiger game on Saturday - click here

The video of the man who spotted Big Foot in North Carolina - click here

Here is the picture of the steaks from The Dollar Tree in the U.S. - click here

How would you like to have this delivering food to your hotel room? - click here

Mike and Lisa's Live Music Friday guest on August 7th was Allesandro Rotondi.  For more information on him visit his Facebook Page.

Steve's Sexy Specs - click here

Here are the items we will be putting on Ouellette to see if anyone takes them - click here

The Donald Trump Debate Drinking Game - click here

We featured the music of 13 year old Alexa Carroccia of Lasalle. To listen and watch her music visit her Facebook Page.

Worst pitch in MLB history? - click here

We are having issues with our TV Cogeco Feed. We are working on correcting it. In the meantime you can listen to us here on our site, using the Tune In Radio app or on your radio.

Fun video of the day - 'Uptown Funk' sung by movie clips.

Click here to watch the story on CTV Windsor about Baby Nevaeh.  To find out more visit the facebook site that has been set up.

Tara Watts was our Live Music Friday guest on July 24th.  To find out more about her visit her Facebook page.

The Late Late Show Host James Corden and Paula Abdul remake 'Opposite Attracts'

Check out this smart to the :45 second mark to see how he gets his ball.

This guy could beat you at ping pong.

Click here to see the picture of Windsor's flag.

Pro surfer Nick Fanning was attacked by a shark - click here.

Click here to see Amy Schumer's GQ photo shoot.

Here is the video of the Steven Tyler of Aerosmith playing piano at a park in Kelowna.

Here is the video for the 1st (and last) Morning Drive Home Run Derby.

Christian Vegh was our Live Music Friday guest on July 10th. For more information on him visit

Click here to view pictures of the Windsor Raceway fire.

Are you looking to give a home to a Golden Retriever?  Here is the information on Kelly, the 13 year old Golden - click here.

Here is the app that Mike mentioned to help sync your shopping lists with your family.

Click here to check out the St. Thomas of Villanova LipDub 2015.


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